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If you simply want to be ‘open for business’ as a potential company acquirer and do not have a committed strategy with which you need specialist help then the very least we recommend that you do is to sign up for a free trial of our online acquisition service. This means that parties seeking company acquirers can ‘find’ you easily and see if you are a good fit for what they are offering.

You will notified as soon as a potential acquisition prospect has asked to view your acquisition profile.

Your details are kept completely confidential until you instruct otherwise. Once you confirm your further interest we will give you access to the other parties details. Successful introductions can result in fees being payable to us and we will present you with our introduction terms prior to passing any details to you.

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  • Enter a keyword that can help categorise the type of business you are interested in. For example, if you select 'Engineering' as a sector but are specifically interested in a welding business, add 'welding' here and it will help searching for matches.
Mike Power - Managing Director
Adepto Acquisitions Ltd

'I have been involved in the acquisition and sale of businesses for the last 30 years and am always happy to discuss your project, opportunity with you.'

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